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Elena No Matter What as a WWTT (May 10th, 2012)

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I can’t speak for everybody else in this world, but when we were talking about what the scene needed to be in the writer’s room, we’ve all had those moments where you end up laying in bed in high school with a guy or a girl that you like, and you don’t know what’s gonna happen, you don’t know what it means, but all you know is that you’re infinitely aware of their proximity to you and every single move that they’re making and every single breath that’s being breathed between the two of you. We wanted that moment to be that experience,” exec producer Julie Plec tells EW. “When we talked to [director] Chris Grismer, we just said, ‘Milk every single beat out of this that you can. It’s so much about what’s not being said. It’s so much about them just lying next to each other, the beauty and intimacy and sexual chemistry of just being near each other is what needs to be telling the story here. So take as long as you want, and shoot it as much as you want, and we’ll put it together from there.’ They definitely gave us everything we needed.
— Julie Plec about the Damon/Elena kiss in 319 (x)

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She says to Matt how did i become the kind of girl who could love vampires? and she says vampires, not vampire or a vampire and i think that’s very telling because it’s kinda the first time she’s referring to the two of them in the same level as opposed to being in love with Stefan and being angry with Damon and her relationship with Damon has evolved so much over the course of this season that i do think that those feelings are there and she doesn’t quite know what to do with them..
— Julie Plec (x)

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New Elena & Katherine Theory:

I think that doppelgangers are not only identical in appearance but identical in persona and character. It’s just the environments in which they are raised that make them different.

That being said, Katherine and Elena are different is because of how they grew up.

Don’t you remember in 2x19, the flashbacks? Katherine seemed SO MUCH LIKE ELENA. Sweet and innocent….and naive..and we still don’t know what Elena was like pre-accident. She said herself that she was more fun and reckless…more Katherine-like.

And now Elena is slowly becoming more Katherine-like in her actions as well.

And JP’s interview says: “So who is [Elena] really at her core? She’s clearly not the girl-next-door do-gooder, she never has been.”

I agree.

So the point I’m really trying to make here is this: Elena and Katherine have the SAME NATURE. It’s just their nurture that made them different.

But are they really that different? Is Elena eventually going to end up like Katherine?

I think for some duration of TVD she will, yes. It’s one of her biggest fears - turning into her - but I think it will happen. There’s been anvil sized hints all throughout season 3 about her humanity and what not. I honestly think that she’s going to turn into a vamp in the season finale and next season will shut off her emotions - i.e. become Katherine 2.0.

The Vampire Diaries Season 3



“Stefan has been the saint, and Damon has been the sinner. Now it’s about each of them being a little bit of both. If Elena is able to still love Stefan when all is said and done, then it is also possible that she could ultimately feel the same way about Damon?” - Julie Plec